History & Philosophy

Every product consists of 100% plant-based ingredients

We offer you a large selection of best quality soy-based Products as tofu or soy granules. They are produced under strict controlls, without genetic engeneering and whenever possible, with respect to biological farming and environmental aspects. Tofu or soy granules are suitable substitues for meat and cheese and contain healthy and energy-rich nutrients. The photos above illustrate the possibility of variation of our products.


Our products can purchased at different retail-store partners in Ankara and it's surroundings.  For further information or directly enquieries please contact us.


The philosophy of the Planetura company is to offer every person an opportunity to eat healty and consciously. We offer organic farming soy products which are 100 percent vegetable. The Planetura company which was founded in 2013, has the purpose to convince people for a healthier nutrition and bring awareness to consciously meatless cooking. Then even to abstain one day  in a week could have a big effect of the world wide consume of meat. Every product should get the chance to be tested. People who like soy-based recipes as much as including meat, should reflect about their consumer behaviour. We achieve our purposes through high-quality products with a large possibility of variation.